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Welcome to the home base of the multi-gaming community that is GET MAD. Our primary focus is pushing raid progression on WoW, however we are always expanding to other games and we currently make a strong presence in the D3 and Warframe community.

Here you should be able to find all manners of information about our community, whether you are a visitor interested in understanding how we operate, joining us; or a member wishing to keep yourself up to date with all our latest activities across all games. For our raiders: we log our raid nights every week, and encourage you to observe the results, compare your performances, and identify what you may need to improve on.

We are a guild dedicated to not only progression, but having fun along the way and doing so with those who share our ideals. We raid with two questions always in mind: what is fun without progression, and what is progression without fun? It is not the balancing of progression and fun we strive to create, but the harmonizing of the two.

Raid Times
Tuesday - Thursday: 8:00 - 11:00 pm realm (CST)

Optional Times
Friday - Saturday: Alt run, starts 8:00 pm realm (CST)
Sunday: Casino night

The Nighthold: N/A
Emerald Nightmare (10-12 man):
7/7N (Sept 28, 16), 1/7H

Past Progression
Hellfire Citadel: 13/13N (Aug 25, 15), 13/13H (Oct 21, 15)
Blackrock Foundry: 
10/10N (Apr 1, 15), 10/10H (May 21, 15)
 7/7N (Jan 2, 15), 7/7H (Jan 30, 15)
Siege of Orgrimmar (20 man) pre-patch: 14/14M (Oct 25, 14)
Siege of Orgrimmar (10 man): 14/14N (Dec 6, 13), 10/14H (Oct 3, 14)
Throne of Thunder (10 man): 12/12N (June 18, 13), 3/13H
Terrace of Endless Springs (10 man): 4/4N (Feb 1, 13)
Heart of Fear (10 man): 6/6N (Feb 12, 13)
Mogu'Shan Vaults (10 man): 6/6N (Nov 29, 12), 3/6H
Dragon Soul (10 man): 8/8N (Feb 2, 12), 8/8H (Aug 16, 12)
Firelands (10 man): 7/7N (Oct 25, 11), 2/7H

To the very left you should see the small list of high priority classes we seek (ordered from highest priority on top), however we are always on the lookout for quality raiders of any class. To us, it is the player over the class. As our recruitment needs update, news will be posted to further expand on it. The full extent of qualifications for an applying Raider will be layed out as you fill out our application form.

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Emerald Nightmare: Week 3 (2/7H)

by retrotmc, 15 days ago

Our 2nd week into Heroic EN started off badly with more then a few people missing,  which always hurts the group when people can't or don't show up for raid. I would like to remind everyone that Attendance and performance are key to a successful raid team and steady progression. Everyone should also be taking the time to review logs and looking for ways to improve Dps/Hps/Threat gain etc. as well as overall raid and personal awareness. We have made it a point to be clear that our progression in Legion will not mirror our progression in WoD, with that said it should come as no surprise that this week we are going to be a lot less tolerant toward Poor performance and Absences. Everyone should be constantly looking for ways to improve their performance wither you are a Tank, Dps, or a Healer there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Feasts, Flasks, Gems, Enchants etc. will eventually be provided by guild, If you have mats that you don't need,  donate them to guild, chances are we can turn it into a gem an enchant or maybe a flask that can then be used during a raid. (if you don't want to share, contact a crafter directly but donations are appreciated) We are a team and it is long past due we behaved like one, It simply isn't possible for one person to supply all the flasks or all the gems, It is the responsibility of every single person in the guild and specifically the raiders of GET MAD to help keep the guild stocked with Raw ore for gems, Dust for enchants Etc.

This week our H-En progression was less then satisfactory, We did manage to down Dragons of nightmare which in itself is good, however the kill was pretty messy and could definitely use some cleaning up this week. Overall our progression into H-En is seriously lacking After wiping for most of the night on Ursoc, we finally managed to get the mechanics right only to have the kill slip through our grasp because of our Poor dps numbers as well as a lot of unnecessary damage that healers should not have to constantly heal through. This should be a giant eye opener for all of our Dps, We do have a few dps who are more then pulling their weight but the vast majority of our dps is subpar and a very big part of that problem can be attributed to the fact that when we are done raiding for the week, a lot of people simply go play their alts, or log off. Real life will always comes first without question, however if you can't make raid then it your responsibility to let an officer know, it is also your responsibility to find a replacement for the duration that you will be absent, the raid should not be made to suffer because of one person who couldn't make raid for whatever reason, this isn't intended to be mean but simply an eye opener and ensure the guilds continued progression, which thus far has been less then impressive. Wiping on progression is to be expected but we should not be wiping to the same boss all night and getting nowhere. Take the time to look up the fights, multiple times if that's what it takes, study the ins and out of your class and spec always be looking for ways to improve, run mythic+ dungeons, Optimize your gear, Gem & enchant ask for help if that's what you need. We are a team and we are only as strong as our weakest member.

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