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Welcome to the home base of the multi-gaming community that is GET MAD. Our primary focus is pushing raid progression on WoW, however we are always expanding to other games and we currently make a strong presence in the D3 and Warframe community.

Here you should be able to find all manners of information about our community, whether you are a visitor interested in understanding how we operate, joining us; or a member wishing to keep yourself up to date with all our latest activities across all games. For our raiders: we log our raid nights every week, and encourage you to observe the results, compare your performances, and identify what you may need to improve on.

We are a guild dedicated to not only progression, but having fun along the way and doing so with those who share our ideals. We raid with two questions always in mind: what is fun without progression, and what is progression without fun? It is not the balancing of progression and fun we strive to create, but the harmonizing of the two.

Raid Times
Tuesday - Thursday: 8:00 - 11:00 pm realm (CST)

Optional Times (currently inactive due to lack of interest)
Friday: Alt run, starts 8:00 pm realm (CST)
Saturday: Sales run (aka selling boss kills), starts 8:00 pm realm (CST)
Sunday: Casino night, starts 8:00 pm realm (CST)
Note: These events have indeterminate end times, but participants are free to leave at any time.

The Nighthold: N/A
Emerald Nightmare (10-13 man):
7/7N (Sept 28, 16), 7/7H (Nov 3, 16)

Past Progression
Hellfire Citadel: 13/13N (Aug 25, 15), 10/13H (Oct 15, 15)
Blackrock Foundry: 
10/10N (Apr 1, 15), 10/10H (May 21, 15)
 7/7N (Jan 2, 15), 7/7H (Jan 30, 15)
Siege of Orgrimmar (20 man) pre-patch: 14/14M (Oct 25, 14)
Siege of Orgrimmar (10 man): 14/14N (Dec 6, 13), 10/14H (Oct 3, 14)
Throne of Thunder (10 man): 12/12N (June 18, 13), 3/13H
Terrace of Endless Springs (10 man): 4/4N (Feb 1, 13)
Heart of Fear (10 man): 6/6N (Feb 12, 13)
Mogu'Shan Vaults (10 man): 6/6N (Nov 29, 12), 3/6H
Dragon Soul (10 man): 8/8N (Feb 2, 12), 8/8H (Aug 16, 12)
Firelands (10 man): 7/7N (Oct 25, 11), 2/7H

To the very left you should see the small list of high priority classes we seek (ordered from highest priority on top), however we are always on the lookout for quality raiders of any class. To us, it is the player over the class. As our recruitment needs update, news will be posted to further expand on it. The full extent of qualifications for an applying Raider will be layed out as you fill out our application form.

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